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Sabrina Aircraft Manufacturing
December 28, 2016

Dear Sabrina,

Just got to see the 16 min video. What a joyful event! Another wonderful thrill for you and those who had the pleasure to praise you. Instead of bragging, you spoke of learning. You have a brilliant mind, but even more impressive is your wisdom and empathy. Your capacity for inspiring others may, in the long run, rank among your finest achievements. With fond best wishes,

(Harvard Professor/Nobel Laureate)

December 19, 2016

Sabrina -

Watched “Marie Claire Young Women’s Honors” tonight. A more refreshing and rewarding experience I cannot remember. All of the honorees were special. However, you were distinct above all. They have essentially reached the pinnacle of their accomplishments (far from trivial). However, I believe you are just beginning. And, I witnessed a Sabrina that I had not seen before: a rock star grooving with the music at the finale. All of this was indeed special for me, and explains why I am a professor, thank you.

(MIT Professor/Boeing Senior Technical Fellow/Guggenheim Medalist)

April 14, 2016

Stephen Hawking rode into Boston today and Sabrina met him for the first time.

Between Hawking citing her 2015 solo paper, the Steven P. Jobs Trust's Ozy.com naming her a 'Rising Star' and Star Trek's Sulu introducing Sabrina to his 2M Twitter followers, Sabrina has had a most interesting first year of academic freedom.

Sabrina completed that solo paper while preparing for and giving an invited talk on the subject at MIT in April of 2015. Two months later, she was honored as the only non-post doc, non-professor invited to speak at the July 30th Harvard Faculty Conference. Lawrence Summers was on the guest list for the talks. Although three females were invited to speak, Sabrina was the only one to accept the offer. Her talk centered on her Triangle, and a new method for detecting gravitational waves, but also warned against applying those concepts haphazardly.

In October, Sabrina spoke at the Forbes 30u30 Summit's 'Philadelphia Outreach,' and in December, gave the keynote talk at the Hertz Foundation Chicago Dinner where Fermilab, Argonne, Los Alamos, and the Air Force Research Lab were represented.

Sabrina has since been invited to appear in Vogue, People and Marie Claire; to appear on GMA, Today, and RT; and to give inspirational TEDx talks in Istanbul, Danubia, Vienna, Clermont, Cambridge, Portland and San Diego but has turned them all down. In fact, she has turned down every media request since the Jobs Trust/Ozy telephone interview last September--in order to focus on her studies.

Sabrina looks forward to attending Strings 2016 in Beijing, the Fields Institute's Workshop in String and M-Theory in Toronto, and Boeing's 100th Birthday Dinner in Chicago.

April 6, 2015

Sabrina is a current 2014-2015 Harvard Smith Fellow and 2017-2020 NSF reserve status fellow. This past Fall, she was given the highest praise by a Fortune 30 company's top brass. This past Winter, she was named to Forbes 30 under 30 in Science, given 'mode 2' academic freedom at Harvard's Center for the Fundamental Laws of Nature, and chosen as a Hertz finalist. Today, a letter informed her mom that Sabrina was selected as one of only a dozen 2015-2020 Hertz Foundation Fellows.

Sabrina presented her New Gravitational Memories paper during a talk at Harvard in February. In March, she gave an invited inspirational talk in Puerto Rico, where the other inspirational speakers included Colin Powell and Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Sabrina has also been asked to speak at MIT in mid-April.

August 5th, 2014

During July, Sabrina aced her PhD Candidate qualification examination, the Journal of High Energy Physics accepted her first paper for publication, and Physical Review Letters asked for first dibs on publishing her second paper.

June 3rd, 2014

Sabrina is in Corsica and turned 21 today. N5886Q was heavily damaged in the May 21st hailstorm at KARR. Zenith, the company that sold Sabrina the airframe kit, has not responded to inquiries about the sale of the necessary replacement parts. The aircraft's IA considers it a total loss.

April 29th, 2014

Sabrina will finish her first year of classes at Harvard today. She gave her 365a (Mathematical Physics) talk on the 21st, and has finished 302 (Teaching Physics) as well as her Time C (String Theory) and Time R (research).

With eight of nine first year classes complete, she only has one final exam this semester: QFT II. She was named 'best in the class' in QFT I last semester; awarded a prize for "Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Excellence" in Statistical Physics; and is honored to have joined her General Relativity professor's Fundamental Laws group. She ended up with an A+ in each of the three courses covered in the 103 consecutive hours of final exams last December. Her highest average was in AMO II.

Sabrina has written 19 short papers over the past 10 months and is working on a 20th with members of her group. She heads to Cargese in June to attend a two-week String and Holography school.

To top off an excellent year, she was invited to MIT by their new physics department head and informed that she was one of MIT's 'top 4 or 5' 2013 grad physics admits-- not just of the females, but overall. MIT respects her decision to attend Harvard grad physics. When she matriculated, there was only one MIT student pursuing their PhD at Harvard physics. This fall, there will be twelve. Harvard grad physics was the perfect choice for Sabrina.

December 9th, 2013

Sabrina has her final presentation on December 11th in AMO II. By that time, she will have finished 103 consecutive hours of final exams for Statistical Physics, General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory. She was pleased to have a former CERN CMS co-worker in her Harvard QFT and GR courses--he is an MIT G3.

The physics Sabrina knows now, compared to what she knew in August, is astounding. Although she would not recommend four concurrent graduate level Harvard physics courses for a G1 who is faint of heart, the experience of 35 problem sets over 13 weeks was exactly what Sabrina needed to fully understand what she had learned at MIT.

August 5th, 2013

Sabrina gave her final presentation at CERN MIT CMS in Geneva, Switzerland on July 19th and is now working on a paper for MISTI/Total France. Tomorrow, she will head off for her vacation in Honolulu and then start up at Harvard when her CERN CMS contract expires on August 23rd.

Sabrina only applied to Harvard and MIT and was rejected by both in 2010. After gaining acceptance off the wait list (with Harvard's help), she excelled at MIT. For graduate school, she, once again, applied to just MIT and Harvard. This time, both accepted her.

She matriculated into Harvard's GSAS Physics PhD program and was awarded her SB in Physics while still a teenager. She finished college and high school in three years (each) without taking a single CollegeBoard AP exam. Her Fermilab, Harvard and MIT mentors attended her graduation ceremony on June 7th, the day she left Boston to return to CERN.

She graduated #1 at MIT Physics, tied for the top overall GPA at MIT Institute-wide and, in the process, became the first girl to win the MIT Physics Orloff Scholarship award!

The MIT Dean of Admissions just wrote to Sabrina to say: "You had quite a career here at MIT and you enriched the place... Best of luck to you at that place up the river..."
Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski